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Expectations for couple relationships among Maori and Pacific peoples living in New Zealand.


Gabriele Schaefer (AUT)

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This research explores what kinds of expectations and ideals Maori and Pacific peoples (Maori, Samoans, Tongans and Nuieans) in New Zealand have about their couple relationships. The intercultural as well as interdisciplinary nature of the research informed my decision to apply several research methodologies including participant observation techniques and in-depth interviews with 51 participants. Findings indicate that the majority of participants perceive that honesty, loyalty, trust, openness, and a good sex life was essential for a good relationship. They stressed that fulfilling obligations towards the extended family and mutual respect are important for them. The notion that one has to be willing to work on the relationship was also a dominant theme. The research also investigates how integration into a modern society has impacted on the expectations Maori and Pacific peoples have about their intimate relationships. Most women mentioned that they now wanted equality in their relationships and expected their partners to communicate with them on an emotional level.

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