Accepted Paper:

'The tourist season goes down but not the prices': tourism and changing food habits in rural Costa Rica  


David Himmelgreen (University of South Florida)

Paper long abstract:

Since the late 1980s, the economy of the Monteverde zone of North Central Costa Rica has been shifting from dairy farming and coffee production to tourism. Although tourism has generated employment for local people and the development of infrastructure in an area that was economically underdeveloped, it has also has an impact on social lives and health of residents in the zone. This paper will examine the role that tourism has on shaping food habits and food consumption patterns of 148 households in two communities in the Monteverde zone. The high cost of living along with seasonal employment and decreased reliance on local food production have resulted in many households purchasing commercially produced foods that are often high in saturated fat and refined sugar and low in complex carbohydrates. Moreover, many households reported having less time for food preparation and time to spend with family at meal times.

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Tourism: applied anthropological interventions