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Accepted paper:

An assessment of Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme in Higher Education and its impact on students' employability: a case study of Elizade University


Morakinyo Akintolu (University of Zululand)

Paper long abstract:

A robust entrepreneurial leadership programme has been proven to be a necessary key to the acceleration of every organisation in the 21st century. Entrepreneurship leadership education is proliferating across the developed countries, through corporate organisations, youth groups, community organisations and through schools in different levels of education. However, there is limited attention on entrepreneurship leadership programme in Nigeria higher institutions. This study will provide an assessment of an entrepreneurial leadership programme in higher education. The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of entrepreneurial leadership programme among higher education students. The theory of Multiple Intelligence proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 will be used to underpin this study. Gardner maintains that an individual possesses a unique blend of all the intelligence, opposing the idea of labelling learners to a specific intelligence. Relating to this study students must be empowered in different forms and not restricted to one modality of learning. The study will adopt a mixed-method research approach with the use of quantitative and qualitative research designs. The data generated will be analysed using simple percentage and frequency count for the quantitative and thematic content analysis for the qualitative. In light to the result of the findings, the researcher will recommend base on the assessment of the entrepreneurial leadership programme to government and other stakeholders involved in the development and designing of the higher education curriculum most especially in the developing world in order to improve and meet the demand of the 21st century. Keywords: Entrepreneurial leadership, higher education, employability, assessment, programme

panel G41
Youth employment, knowledge and the labour markets; knowledge and society [initiated by Edukans with INCLUDE, ISCTE-IU Lisbon and Advance Afrika (Kampala, Uganda]]