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Future trends, grand challenges, and politics of anticipation in Africa ii: institutional tensions and current developments in Africa’s universities

Marieke van Winden (conference organiser) (African Studies Centre Leiden)
Detlef Mueller-Mahn (University of Bonn)
E: Transdisciplinary debates


Many of the current ‘Grand Narratives’ about Africa are traditionally being studied by departments of Geography and Demography, with their ‘intrinsic’ interdisciplinarity. But these issues are ever more (also) studied and taught by departments of Environmental Studies and Development Studies, and with inputs from a wider field of studies (resource economics, law, political science, anthropology and sociology, agricultural sciences, etc) in university settings that allow and encourage interdisciplinarity. Like elsewhere in the world, the institutional organization of universities in Africa is only slowly adjusting to the need to deal with these ‘grand narratives’ in a much more integrated way. This panel will discuss these institutional tensions and current developments in Africa’s universities, and particularly invites contributions from African academics who ‘struggle’ with these tensions, and which deal with these Grand Narratives [coordination: CRC Future Rural Africa (University of Bonn and University of Cologne), together with the ASCL (and partners like NIDI, Rutgers, Wageningen University, Foodlog, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), University of Nairobi (IDS), and the University of Namibia].

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