Accepted paper:

Invaluable encounters in pedagogy


Annie McCarthy (University of Canberra)

Paper short abstract:

This paper is an auto-ethnographic narrative exploration of questions that emerged out of my experience teaching undergraduate classes in the Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality. It explores a series of invaluable encounters in pedagogy that raise key questions about anthropological value(s).

Paper long abstract:

This paper explores the politics of representation and the construction of knowledge about gender and sexuality in an undergraduate classroom in which students don't just listen, but seek to find the basis upon which they can not only speak about their own lives, but speak up and against systems of violence that operate both globally and on their own campuses. Through a series of stories that highlight questions of voice; of representation; of safety and danger; of the possibilities for speaking and of listening; of the lure and danger of difference; I explore the limits of pedagogy in spaces where commitments to reflexivity, solidarity and de-colonisation meet an earnest desire for better, safer lives. In sharing these stories, I chart the way students assign value to certain forms of knowledge and the way 'we' as instructors present values to our students. Additionally, I will consider the way 'we' value students, and how queering these values might force us to think differently about Anthropological values. In particular, I seek to raise questions about the kinds of pedagogical commitments we could/should make to students marginalised by structures of gender and sexuality.

panel P17
Gender, sexuality and beyond: valuing queer anthropology