Accepted Paper:

... my carbon other soaks with ocean  
Susan Reid (University of Sydney)

Paper short abstract:

A speculative carbon reckoning and transcorporeal dissolve from the mountainside to the sea.

Paper long abstract:

This presentation hacks into an imaginary of oceanic change that considers transitional relationalities all the way through petro-chem materialities, salty, wet, ocean eddies and speculative carbon bodies.

My speculative carbon finds her way to the enormous circulatory systems that glide, wind and pump their way around the earth, massaging continents, breaking off into meanders, flickering salt tongues and coalescences of upwelling eddy rings. In this conception of transitional materiality the ocean is a co-generating flux of materials arriving, connecting, carrying, and leaving through river mouths, canal outlets, rain freshened surfaces, beneath ice sheets and evaporating skyward; and always in relation with, and through, carbon rich life expressions that at some point are fingerlings and fish eggs, grasslands and forests, winds and storm fronts, plastics and plankton, desert dust and creaturely breaths, street lights and car exhausts.

Note: this is a lyrical theoretical paper based on a presentation given at the 2017 'Hacking the Anthropocene' event, held at the University of Sydney.

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Sea theory, atmospheres, and liminality of lives