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Film, audio and multimedia programme: symbiosis: sound, vision and the senses 
Tom Rice (University of Exeter)
Room 2
Start time:
14 April, 2015 at
Time zone: Europe/London
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This panel raises issues about the relationship between ethnography, sight and the other senses. It provides a space for the presentation of films, photographs, sound recordings and multi-media presentations. The panel will aim to stimulate discussion on sensory symbiosis as both an object of anthropological research and a realm of creativity in ethnographic representation. In what ways are contemporary anthropologists engaging with media technologies to generate data and present their findings? What symbiotic roles should text play in an era of growing multi-media potential and possibility?

Long Abstract:

Filmmakers and other staff connected to the production are encouraged to attend for the discussion that will follow each screening.

Submission process:

To propose a film please click on the 'Propose a Paper' link.; in the "Short Abstract" please provide the billing of the film; in the "Long Abstract" please include: Director, Runtime in minutes, Year of production, Location, Production/distribution

Films that are not in English must be subtitled in English.

Submissions must be sent by post to:

Dr Tom Rice

Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

University of Exeter

Amory Building, Rennes Drive




Online submissions can be sent to: contacttomrice(at)

Submissions must be received before 30th January 2015. Preview Copies must be in DVD format but the Screening Copy can be in BluRay or DVD.

Accepted papers:

Session 1