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05 Dec, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
11:15A4-202L04Share ethics, poverty politics, and the anthropology of distribution [Lab]2
11:15The Cairns Institute, D3-063L08LAKA: CREATION1
11:15A4-003P03Development interventions both vivifying and mortiferous: replacement, ruination and revitalisation in ecological and cultural systems2
11:15The Cairns Institute, D3-149P04Performing heritage, sustaining livelihoods: resilience, recognition and relationality1
11:15Chancellery Building, A1-129P05ANSA postgraduate panel3
11:15Chancellery Building, A1-014P07Anxious hope: life and death in hospital ethnography2
11:15Chancellery Building, A1-018P08Visions beyond precarity: envisaging and practicing alternatives to neo-liberal modernity1
11:15Chancellery Building, A1-017P09A new anthropology of automobility2
11:15The Cairns Institute, D3-144P19Flesh in an age of death2
11:15A4-004P20Gradated citizenship, degraded humanity and the cultural specificity of rights practice1
11:15The Cairns Institute, D3-059P29Fission and collision: disputation over native title boundaries and group membership2
14:00A4-004L02One Health - interactive Lab [Lab]1

06 Dec, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:00The Cairns Institute, D3-150L06The risks & rewards of co-creation and collaboration - reconstituting methods to find new ways to dance with life in the age of death [Lab]1
09:00Chancellery Building, A1-017P02The economy is dead. Long live the economy? Towards an anthropology of radical entrepreneurship1
09:00Chancellery Building, A1-014P06Bodies, borders and bereavement: death and dying in the diaspora1
09:00A4-202P12Enlivening the dead: anthropology and heritage2
09:00The Cairns Institute, D3-149P18Bringing the past to life: narratives, practices and spaces of memory-making2
09:00Chancellery Building, A1-018P23Feeling Capitalism2
09:00The Cairns Institute, D3-059P24Thinking about decolonising practice1
09:00A4-003P27Surviving entanglements in West Papua [Combined format]2
09:00A4-004P30Social death by neglect in health and health systems1
09:00The Cairns Institute, D3-144P33Language movements: endangerment, revitalisation, and social transformation2
11:15Chancellery Building, A1-017P14Life after waste1
11:15Chancellery Building, A1-129P22Sea theory, atmospheres, and liminality of lives1
11:15A4-004P32Death and paradise - no-one gets in alive: the anthropological re-imagining of psychedelic drug use1

07 Dec, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:00A4-003C01Polychronicity [Combined format]2
09:00The Cairns Institute, D3-059L05The role and use of creative processes from an Australian Indigenous ontological standpoint. A collaborative performance presentation of two current and evolving arts-based projects [Lab]1
09:00Chancellery Building, A1-129L07Listening to aquatic ecosystems [Lab]2
09:00A4-004P01Trauma subjectivities - the experience and imaginaries of suffering in the 21st century2
09:00The Cairns Institute, D3-144P11Society 2.0: post-human assemblages and the death or rebirth of the social1
09:00The Cairns Institute, D3-063P21Extractive development: intimacies, ethics and ambiguities1
09:00Chancellery Building, A1-014P25The dead in social life: death in the (re) constitution of sociality of the still living2
09:00Chancellery Building, A1-017R03Eternal life in the age of the anthropocene [Roundtable]1
13:45Chancellery Building, A1-017P28Anthropocene panic!1
13:45The Cairns Institute, D3-144P31Coming to life: sovereign births and other reproductive logics1