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NomadIT was set up in 2001 when Rohan sought to fund a nomadic lifestyle, afloat on the English waterways. The company has grown since then to meet the broader needs of our clients.

NomadIT is made up of a group of freelancers, who work both together and independently. Ordinarily clients will deal with Rohan who will then liaise wi#th the other team members. However if a piece of work requires the skills of just one of the team, then clients can work with that freelancer directly.

rohan jackson

Rohan has many years' experience working in conference organising, organisational administration, and presentation/print design in both voluntary sector & the commercial world. He spends most of his year on narrowboat Ganesh, drifting around rural ditches moaning about 3G reception blackspots; he prefers to spend the winter months somewhere warmer and with more daylight - India, or more recently Brazil. Consequently he is very committed to remote working over the internet.

Skills: event organising, finances, web design, database systems design, DTP, presentation design, office training
E: rohan(at)nomadit.co.uk

darren edale

Darren is a programmer, who spent several years coding at IBM before going it alone. He is the brains behind the online interactivity NomadIT is able to offer clients; he wrote and updates the bespoke online database system that handles most of our clients' memberships/events. He lives in Manchester.

Skills: web-based application design, database design (MySQL, Php), web design
E: darren(at)nomadit.co.uk

eli bugler

Eli is a freelance designer and ex-boat-dweller. Recruited en passant on the Kennet & Avon Canal near Bath, Eli provides the creativity behind the web design service we offer, as well as ensuring that sites are accessible to those with disabilities. Recent year has seen her take the lead on use of content-management systems, and an integrated strategy for deployment of social media.

Skills: web design, graphic design, DTP
E: eli(at)nomadit.co.uk

triinu mets

Triinu left one side of academia to work on the other. She brings anthropological knowledge from her PhD research, as well as experience in online social networking. She's run conferences for NomadIT from UK to Japan.

Skills: administration, finances, social networks, editing, proofing, event organising
E: triinu(at)nomadit.co.uk

elaine morley

Elaine joined the team from local government and the voluntary sector, saving herself a five-hour daily commute: she now enjoys the freedom the rest of the team have experienced for years.

Skills: administration, finances, event organising
E: elaine(at)nomadit.co.uk

james howard

James joined the team on completing his Anthropology PhD at Durham. Despite living in Cape Town, he makes guest appearances at conferences and continues to support the team with his administrative input.

Skills: administration, finances, event organising
E: james(at)nomadit.co.uk

hugh swann

Hugh is a programmer with several years experience and another ex-boat-dweller. He has brought graphical and functional innovations to the sites we design and helps us ensure that they are responsive (look good across all devices).

Skills: web-based application design, database design (MySQL, Php), web design
E: hugh(at)nomadit.co.uk

sammy pereira

Sammy is a Visual Anthropologist and an audiovisual technician, based in Lisbon. Periodically we tempt her away from the routine of her University job to work her magic at conferences, where she spends much of her time running around showing people where the big red button is.

Skills: AV technician, camerawoman, film production, administration
E: sammy(at)nomadit.co.uk

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