Mapping home: a place wisdom workshop 
Vitalija Stepušaitytė (Heriot-Watt University)
Workshops, films and posters
Start time:
22 June, 2015 at 14:00 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

During this workshop participants will create a conceptually driven, multi-dimensional map of home by combining different aspects and levels of 'home' from a perspective of time: the localisation of home, processes and practices of homing, ideas of home, and emotions relating to home.

Long Abstract:

We are interested in how such a multi-dimentional concept as home, approached from different perspectives and captured in various circumstances across disciplines, could be conceptually mapped. While the 'home' is understood holistically, that whole is never complete. Always under construction, its parts are not so much holographic parts of a whole; as Tuan (2011 [1977], pp.99-100) says: 'the part may be essential to the functioning of the whole, but the part is not the whole in miniature and in essence'. Therefore, we believe it is important to experiment in weaving together various approaches through different narratives about experiences of home, not limiting participants to text-based presentations.

We ask participants to suggest different stories in various formats/expressions that explore one or more aspects of home, either the place, the feelings, the idea, or the homing processes (Winther, 2009). Moreover, the key parameter of our map will be time, because how we understand the daily reality is not only how we sense and experience it here and now - it is very much related to the weight of the past and pressures for the future.

We invite contributions from artists, musicians, poets, writers, travellers, and anyone else interested in creatively engaging with ethnological understandings of home in time and space. During the first part of the workshop, stories of home will be shared, discussed and analysed; and during the second part they will be located within the home map.

Accepted papers: