Indigenous people behind the camera: Valuing local knowledge and building resilience, horizontal linkages and global voices 
Jemimah Kerenge Maitei (InsightShare)
Nick Lunch (InsightShare)
Senate House - G21A
Start time:
27 May, 2016 at 16:00 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

What happens when indigenous people get behind the lens? Join indigenous filmmaker, Jemimah Kerenge (Maasai) and Insightshare Director Nick Lunch, share experiences and video clips amplifying indigenous voices on climate change. Through the ground-breaking Conversations with the Earth video hubs, participatory video projects are addressing land, food and cultural sovereignty issues in the face of ongoing political marginalisation.

Long Abstract:

What happens when indigenous people get behind the lens? From Nagaland in India to the Yaqui and Comcaac indigenous territories in northern Mexico, and the Maasai, Gabbra and Boran nomadic groups in Kenya, indigenous filmmakers are leading the way in building sustainable and resilient communities. Nick Lunch and Jemimah Kerenge will screen videos that have been created autonomously by indigenous peoples in diverse ecosystems, and discuss the importance of these videos to communities in valuing their local knowledge, building horizontal connections and having global voice. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from indigenous filmmaker, Jemimah Kerenge, on her experience using participatory video in Loliondo, Tanzania to tackle land-grabbing. Jemimah is part of an ever-growing network of grassroots facilitators supported by InsightShare, a unique partnership between diverse community groups around the world and an international team of experienced participatory video facilitators and trainers. Come and join us to hear about all of this and more.