Next Steps beyond 'Changing the Atmosphere': Strategies for Action on the AAA Statement on Humanity and Climate Change 
Sarah Strauss (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Edward Liebow (American Anthropological Association)
Steve Rayner (University of Oxford)
British Museum - BP Lecture Theatre
Start time:
28 May, 2016 at 13:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

In this roundtable, members of the AAA Task Force on Global Climate Change, with a range of interlocutors from inside and outside the academy, discuss strategies for using anthropological research to mitigate the impacts of climate change at scales from local to global, through policy and practice.

Long Abstract:

In 2015, the American Anthropological Association reported the findings from a three-year investigation by its Global Climate Change Task Force, Changing the Atmosphere: Anthropology and Climate Change. As part of this document, the Task Force prepared a brief but forceful Statement on Humanity and Climate Change, acknowledging anthropology's capacity to take the long and comparative view on possible approaches to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Further, the Task Force has offered guidance on new research directions and applications, as well as recommendations for scholarly societies like the AAA to support and promote research, teaching, and public and policy engagement in this arena. In this Roundtable session, Task Force members, the AAA's Executive Director, and other guests from within and outside the academy consider the "next steps" that might be needed to bring such anthropological insights forward in meaningful ways: across the sub-disciplines as well as internationally, and outward to policymakers and the public at large. We will discuss strategies for interdisciplinary research and program development at scales from local to global; engagements with NGOs and institutions like the UN and World Bank; and effective uses of media, both social and conventional.

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