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We are often asked for help with IT issues. On this page we try to make some of our accumulated knowledge available.

To make effective use of today's technology, you need to be using the right technology. As this doesn't necessarily come preinstalled on your computer, we list below software we recommend, which you can download and use - for free!

You also need to know how to use the software in more efficient ways. To that end we will post help sheets here which you can download, and consult.

office (word processing, spreadsheet, etc)

Open Office - why pay for MS Office when there is this excellent open-source equivalent you can download for free?

email software

Thunderbird - amazingly customisable email client that is vastly preferable to the ubiquitous Outlooks. Easily backed up.


Firefox - faster, more secure, more standards-compliant than the disastrous IE.

Opera - smaller, faster and more keyboard friendly than the monstrous IE.


Foxit reader - a lighter solution than Acrobat for reading the many documents distributed over the web in PDF format.

Winzip - compacts files in compressed folders saving on storage space (disk) or emailing time; often necessary for accessing files distributed over the web. Windows XP does have a compression tool built-in; but those with earlier operating systems can make good use of this tool.  The wizard guides you through the process.

Avast antivirus - why pay for the invasive Norton or Symantec, when there is a free, easily installed (and removed) shield against the perils of the internet.

Spybot and Ad-aware - If you are having problems which your antivirus cannot remove, then this freeware may help remove lurking nasties, such as ads, trojans, premium rate diallers, etc.

Karen's Replicator (Windows only) - an excellent utility that allows tailored incremental backups to external drives/USB sticks.


Skype - if you have Broadband, this will bring you free telephony - or a penny-a-minute telephony, worldwide.

Easy message - a light chat program which allows you to monitor/chat with Yahoo, MSN and ICQ all at once.


PayPal - the cheapest supplier of online credit card processing which accepts the majority, but not all, of cards. Also provides an excellent and transparent administrative interface, far superior to that of any bank.

Co-op bank - the most ethical of the UK banks they provide excellent telephone and internet banking

carbon offsetting

We are looking into Climatecare, Co2balance, Carbonneutral, Carbon-clear and Growaforest. Given recent concerns raised about emissions from trees, it would seem that supporting energy conservation/alternative energy projects might be preferable.

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