Structures of daily life in national parks between theory and practice 
Jurij Fikfak (ZRC SAZU)
Tatiana Bajuk Sencar (ZRC SAZU)
Jakobi 2, 438
Start time:
3 July, 2013 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

The panel focuses on how new forms of expression and interaction shape daily life in natural parks, thematizing the effect these forms have on relationships among main social actors and groups and assessing how new processes of participatory decision-making inform the identity of local communities

Long Abstract:

This panel is focused on exploring how new forms of expression and interaction shape daily life in national parks, using as a point of departure developments in Triglav National Park in Slovenia. A rebellion of sorts is unfolding in Triglav National Park in reaction to the implementation of new legislation and new forms of park management. One of the communities within the park has decided by popular vote at the local level to exclude itself from the park, whose regulatory regime otherwise structures everyday life for its residents.

This particular story inspires reflections at the broader, European level concerning the structure and operation of relationships between local communities, park administrators and legislative actors at the local and national levels. What forms of expression and interaction structure the relationships among the social actors in groups involved in defining life within the park's borders; which forms facilitate these relationships and which hinder it? What does the democratization of the drafting of park management procedures bring to life in the park, and to what extent does it either expand or restrict the agency of existing park actors? How does the introduction of new forms of participatory decision making inform the identity of these actors? The papers of this panel will shed light on the way that these questions unfold in varied national parks across Europe.

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