Imagining disabilities in multiple agents 
Kathleen Richardson (De Montfort University)
James Staples (Brunel University London)
Room 4
Start time:
16 September, 2011 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Disabled people are often imagined as incomplete entities, lacking in bodies, capacities or sociality. In the construction of disability various techniques and intervention technologies are generated to "complete" or "assist" with what are considered 'impairments'.

Long Abstract:

Bodies are considered whole, but the disabled body is often imagined as incomplete or lacking. Nonhuman agents (such as medical interventions, artificial limbs, animals and robots) are called upon to act therapeutically as completion tools. To do this, the disabled bodies and other kinds of socialities are reimagined in new ways. Yet what is often lacking in the scholarship is the how tools and techniques are as much inspired by themes in disabilities as they are created to alleviate perceived problems. This session will address these themes by exploring a range of what are considered 'impairments' across different human groups and the multiple agents (organic and inorganic and human and nonhuman) drawn upon to therapeutically assist them.

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