Senses and citizenships: contestations over national and global identities, resources, and forms of belonging 
Susanna Trnka (University of Auckland)
Julie Park (University of Auckland)
Christine Dureau (University of Auckland)
Start time:
11 December, 2008 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

The panel creates opportunities for dialogue about intersections between the body, sensory phenomena and forms of belonging and alienation as they relate to contestations about relationships to material and non-material resources.

Long Abstract

Recent scholarly attention to the senses has expanded our understanding of the cultural and historical specificities of relationships between personhood, community and sensory experience. In this panel, we would like to further our analysis of this issue by critically examining intersections between the body, sensory phenomena and various forms of belonging and alienation as related to contestations over the ownership and appropriation of national and global communities, identities, memories, histories and cultural/material resources. Some of the issues we aim to consider include (but are not restricted to): relationships between pain or other forms of suffering and claims for national/international rights; pleasure (tactile, visual, auditory, etc) and state and corporate regimes; pain and/or suffering as part of community-building; taste, memory, and emplacement; etc. We invite panellists who wish to engage in discussion over the place of the senses and, more generally, embodiment in various forms of ownership and appropriation.

Accepted papers: